Doula Services


Before you start diving in, check out some evidence based information about what doulas do and how they can be helpful.

Birth Doula Services

Birth As Ceremony's philosophy is to support you emotionally, physically, and with advocacy so that you may birth and parent the way you choose. My role is not to replace anyone but to take care of the family as a whole.

Some examples of my care during birth are:

  • Providing evidence based research around birthing options such as medications (such as Pitocin, iv fluids, nitrous etc.), induction techniques, coping skills, positioning, pushing positions, and much more

  • Providing physical support such as massage techniques, acupressure points, hip squeezes, counter pressure and more. I also encourage and guide partners or loved ones (as long as it’s ok with the birthing person) to provide physical support to their birthing partner

  • I help you and your family advocate for yourselves by providing you with evidence based information and always asking “what does your intuition say?” I trust you in your birthing process and will advocate so that your voice is heard and your needs are met.

  • Supporting families emotionally. Often labor brings up lots of emotions such as fear, joy, anxiety, stress, tiredness. I am here so you and your family feels heard and safe expressing their emotions

  • Taking care of the family as a whole. I make sure partners and loved ones are eating, resting, staying hydrated, and getting breaks

Birth Doula Package

  • 24/7 phone, text, or email access to me for resources and support starting from the time of contract signing

  • 2 prenatal visits at around 32 weeks and 36 weeks. These take place in the comfort of your home. We go over topics such as optimal positioning, strep b protocol, perineal and pelvic floor awareness, hopes and fears, when to call for support, developing a birth plan and more.

  • Mother's Blessing Ceremony.  Around 6 close loved ones are invited to participate. Its an intimate gathering where I facilitate ceremonies to honor the birthing person and allow them to be showered with love and support. Guests will bring letters or poems to read to the pregnant person and have an opportunity to give their blessings. Please see pictures below.

  • In person birth support for birthing family. I offer emotional, physical, and informational support as well as being an advocate for the birth you want.

  • Pictures and videos of the birth should you like. I can take pictures on my camera or on yours.

  • 1 post birth visit in your home. Here we check in to see how everyone is doing as a family. I can answer any questions you might have in regards to topics such as breast-feeding, healing, emotional wellbeing, partner connection etc. For any questions that are out of my scope, I can refer you to professional resources such as lactation consultants and therapists.

  • La Cerrada closing ceremony. After la cuarentena (the first forty days after birth) we bring warmth back into the body by gentle massage followed by rebozo techniques to gently close the mother's bones. This can be a heartfelt experience and instrumental in healing and realigning the body physically and energetically.

  • Continued care through sharing of resources for the postpartum period


Please inquire about barter or exchange for discount.

Financial assistance available to birthing POC

Postpartum Doula Services

We hear it all the time, “It takes a village.” Birth as Ceremony is here to be part of your village. The postpartum time can be a mixture of bliss and fear, happiness and exhaustion. I’m here to help in making the transition into parenthood a smooth one for parent and baby.

Here are some examples of what I do during postpartum day visits.

  • Non-judgmental, uplifting support through daytime parenting

  • help with breast/chest/bottle feedings

  • help with laundry and cleaning pump parts and baby bottles. I am happy to do some light house cleaning such as dishes and folding laundry. I am proficient in folding the KonMari style : )

  • changing baby, feeding baby, burping baby, playing with baby, holding baby, soothing baby to sleep

  • snack preparation if desired

  • being a listener to your personal experience

Postpartum Packages

Day Visits are minimum of 2 hour shifts. Time and date is dependent of the needs of your family and scheduling.

Each visit is $40/hour


Mother’s Blessing Ceremony

A mother’s blessing ceremony is a place where the birthing person can get adorned and showered with positivity and care by the people who lover her most. This ceremony is personalized to each birthing person. Smudging, honoring ancestors and the elements, guided meditation, and reading of letters and/or poems are some of the components to this ceremony. This is part of the birth package and also offered separately. It can be a great gift for a loved one in addition to or instead of a traditional baby shower. Please inquire for price.

La Cerrada

After la cuarentena (the first forty days after birth) we bring warmth back into the body with

-Vaginal Compress

-Vaginal Steam

-Herbal Bath

-Gentle Massage

-Belly Binding

All these medicines are followed by rebozo techniques to gently close the mother's bones. This can be a heartfelt experience and instrumental in healing and realigning the body physically and energetically.

This is a beautiful ceremony to land after birth whether its traumatic or beautiful or both! Instead of birthing your babe and jumping into parenting, la cerrada ceremony allows you to pause and be held in this new role. It allows you to sit with the birthing process and release it so you may go on to parent your babe.

Cerrada ceremonies can be held years after your birth experience. I recently held a cerrada ceremony for a close friend who’s child is 27 years old.

Insurance Codes

Did you know that some insurance companies reimburse some or all of birth and postpartum doula services?

Email me to see if your insurance covers your care.

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